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Brandon Sanderson’s best books are on sale for Prime Day 2023

It’s the perfect time to catch up on the Cosmere

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Shallan from the Stormlight Archives sits on a cliff with a book in her hand Image: Shallan by Michael Whalen
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Brandon Sanderson is one of fantasy’s biggest and most prolific writers, which can make diving into his work a little daunting. Thankfully, several of his best novels and series, from The Stormlight Archive to Mistborn, are on sale during 2023’s Amazon Prime Day, so you can grab a whole series of books and jump right in. Here’s a look at some of the best deals you can get on Sanderson’s books right now.

The Stormlight Archive deals

Mistborn deals

If you want to add even more books to your summer reading list, there are plenty of other fantastic Prime Day book deals for sci-fi and fantasy fans, including special edition Lord of the Rings books, Frank Herbert’s Dune, and box sets of Wheel of Time and Outlander.

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