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New! Make your GL$ purchases in world! Just click "Buy GL$"" at the Podex of the Podex Region!

The exchange rate is currently is 500 GL$ for one EURO. Minimum order is 2500 GL$ (5.00 EURO)

If you don't already have one acount at GreekLife, you will need to set up GreekLife account.
Podex accepts PayPal, Sofort, Paysafe, OK Pay and even Bitcoin.
There is no setup charge for a Podex account, but of course you will have to fund the Podex Inworld before you can buy GL$ through it.

Back by popular request Are you on Second Life? Do you have L$ burning a hole in your pocket?
You can convert L$ to GL$ (1:1.5 ratio) at the following SL locations:
ROCK CAFE, store.
Or send email to how to transfer ur $L TO $GL
There is no minimum order for converting L$ to GL$.

Your PayPal statement will show payment to
Usually available within 5 Min of purchase.

2500 GL$ EURO 5.00
5000 GL$ EURO 10.00
10000 GL$ EURO 19.00
20000 GL$ EURO 35.00
40000 GL$ EURO 65.00
80000 GL$ EURO 120.00

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