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Beautiful, spectacular amazing place to spend your virtual life. Greeklife-club, is a grid that you can grow and learn, live your virtual dreams. Amazing people from all over the world are here to help you. Come join us in on the fun and learn about the Greek culture. Here at Greeklife-Club you can spend your time exploring Santorini Greek Island and visit the Acropolis. Beautiful Venues to explore and own your own Region

GreekLife Grid Club offers FREE land on our region Club Islands for residentual use! Our StarLight homes offer sandy beaches, a casual tropical home environment, and peace and quiet. With its waterfront location and private parcel for media, the homes can facilitate your every need. The location is ideal as the cottages sit nestled in tropical fruit trees and plants that any guests will enjoy! There is a deck for sun and our grid Club right on the water for your enjoyment

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Create Your Own Grid

Besides offering a main teleport station, StarLight also has at our new welcome area, hypergates to make visiting your favorite destinations easier. Also, feel free to check out our new freebies zone there or just hang out at the coffee shop!

GreekLife Grid Club came to life in 2011 as a Hyper grid for the World! As time went on it became a place where people loved to hang out so we decided a short time ago to nuture this growing community. With available parties, events and clubs, the social life in StarLight provides an atmosphere to make new or and meet your online virtual friends for hours of fun.



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