GreekLife is a digital world made by Greeks. Entry permitting people over 18. The service is free and all members can have fun on the many islands built for this purpose. Members who want something more can get their own island at the price start 10 euro / month. (Supports 20,000 prims) The project supports us
1. voice communication between members
2. Economy (our own currency on the Drachma)
3. Ready many AOs (male and female)
4. Ready Dancing Huds and bals (for endless dance hours at Dance Island and clubs)
5. Shopping center where manufacturers and creators can rent a shop to sell construction and services
6. E-learning island with ready-made classroom for groups dealing with it.
7. Countless romantic corners for chat with friends
8. From our website You have accessed your account (inworld profile,partner,ofline im,groups,your transacions,friend list and more....) Our eight-year experience Makes us the best of opensim. Become yourself a member today at GreekLife Grid Make your dream come true!!!!

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