Hyper Grid Market Place How to use

1.You need xmlrpc port open on opensim.ini

    ;# {XmlRpcRouterModule} {} {Module used to route incoming llRemoteData calls} {XmlRpcRouterModule XmlRpcGridRouterModule} XmlRpcRouterModule
    ;; If enabled and set to XmlRpcRouterModule, this will post an event,
    ;; "xmlrpc_uri(string)" to the script concurrently with the first
    ;; remote_data event. This will contain the fully qualified URI an
    ;; external site needs to use to send XMLRPC requests to that script
    ;; If enabled and set to XmlRpcGridRouterModule, newly created channels
    ;; will be registered with an external service via a configured uri
    XmlRpcRouterModule = "XmlRpcRouterModule"

    ;# {XmlRpcPort} {} {Port for incoming llRemoteData xmlrpc calls} {} 20800
    XmlRpcPort = 20800

    ;# {XmlRpcHubURI} {XmlRpcRouterModule} {URI for external service used to register xmlrpc channels created in the simulator. This depends on XmlRpcRouterModule being set to XmlRpcGridRouterModule} {} http://example.com
    ;; If XmlRpcRouterModule is set to XmlRpcGridRouterModule, the simulator
    ;; will use this address to register xmlrpc channels on the external
    ;; service
    ; XmlRpcHubURI = http://example.com

2.You need Market place terminal on ur region for ur grid members can take mp password to login on marketplace and charge money to mp acount


3.You need Magic marketplace box to make ur grid store or every ur grid creator like to make own store on mp

Thats all is so easy safe and fast .

Work with currency of each grid .

For every store the cost is to low

only 5$ per month for  hosting .

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