Once registered go to your viewer of choice


(suggested viewer is Singularity)


go to preferences on your viewer and click on Opensim button




Add New Grid URL http://grid-greeklife.info:8002 and click apply.


log in using your Avatar Name Last Name and password that


you setup when you registered.

For Firestrom


For Singularity

1. Click the gridmanager button to get the grid list.


2. Select the Create  button to start entering new grid settings.


3. Enter this  http://grid-greeklife.info:8002  Login URL in "Login URL" field


4. Click Refresh url Button to load all Grid Info

5. Click gridinfo

6. Then hit apply


Welcome to GreekLife, if you need any assistance

with setting up or renting your region, please

IM Nick Envoy


inworld and i will be happy to help you.


Enjoy your stay with us at GreekLife.