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Tasha Robinson heads up movie coverage at Polygon, but when she can get away with it, she also writes about books, graphic novels, tabletop role-playing games, TV, technology, social media, and pretty much anything else going on in the cultural sphere. As Marge Simpson’s therapist tells us, it’s all a rich tapestry. Tasha has worked as a cultural editor and film specialist at The A.V. Club, Pitchfork’s film site The Dissolve, and The Verge. Her writing has appeared at NPR, The Chicago Tribune, io9, Vulture,, and The L.A. Times, among other publications. She loves classic noir and neo-noir movies, animation, musicals, and Terry Gilliam before he lost the plot.

Tasha is a longtime podcaster and co-host of The Next Picture Show, a movie-of-the-week podcast that compares new releases to older classics and puts movies in a cultural context. She periodically designs elaborate LARPs and much less elaborate TTRPGs, and is an enthusiastic participant in the Indie Games on Demand community. Find her on to try her latest game.